I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I’m doing this, and I usually tell them it’s for three reasons: 1) to see if I can. I eat a lot of meat. At least one meal a day, and usually closer to two or three. It’s insidious. Recently I went to a Brazilian barbeque place for a friend’s birthday and afterwards found myself actually going into a meat coma. I realized later that I had gone almost an entire week without having any meat at all, and that made me think, “Well, why not do that for a month?” 

Second, I don’t actually know many meatless main dishes. I grew up in a family where dinner was one of each: meat, vegetable and starch. I know how to do lots of things with vegetables as side dishes, but aside from things like lasagna, I’m completely clueless.

Finally, I want an excuse to expand my recipe repertoire. There are a lot of cultures who eat mostly vegetarian fare, but I don’t know how to cook in any of them. Indian, the many Asian cultures, South American…I love eating it, but it’s time to learn to make it on my own. This month is largely about expanding my horizons. Along those lines, PLEASE, share! Pass along your favorite veggie recipes! Link your favorite blog! Tell me about your favorite cookbook! 

I have very few rules for this, but since I like frameworks, there are some. 

  • I will have one completely vegan meal a week
  • If I find myself in a restaurant that has no veggie options (unlikely in San Francisco, but I’m traveling to North Carolina for a week at the end of the month.) I can eat fish.
  • Since I’m not trying to go vegan, animal products are ok. Eggs, milk, butter, cheese, etc. 

Stay tuned for my inaugural recipe later tonight or tomorrow: Saag with collard greens, kale and spinach! If you guys knew how good my kitchen smelled right now you’d be busting down my doors! 


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