Lazy Jesseract is lazy

It never seems to fail: I have great ideas! And I start something new! And it’s exciting, until it’s not, and then I lose interest, and next thing I know it’s been 8 months since I updated my blog. *sigh*

So, if I ever had any readers, and you’re still around, hi!

I’ve decided this year, in lieu of ‘resolutions’ I’m going to have goals. One of my goals is to actually get this thing going again. Since I’m poor, money motivates me, so I signed up for Parker Higgins’ Iron Blogger project. This way, if I don’t do at least one post a week, I owe them $5. The rules don’t say anything about how substantial the post has to be, so you might get some short and sweet ones, and some longer and more thoughtful ones. Really, the points is for me to stop being lazy.

So, here’s my inaugural post, both for 2013 and for Iron Blogger! I have a lot of ideas for the new year, and look forward to getting on here more regularly.

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