Ahh, Jess blog fail!

Add this to the ‘myriad ways Jess sabotages herself’ files. So, I started this blog with the intention of writing and posting insightful, interesting posts that would bring people and help me create a reputation of being knowledgeable about a field I’m very interested in and follow. I bought my domain, and I found a pretty WordPress background…and then life got busy and I got distracted. So then I read about a thing called the Iron Blogger, wherein I *have* to blog, because if I don’t I have to give $5 for every week I fail! And, well, who isn’t motivated by money, right? And that went decently, except that I didn’t do the research that I usually do until after I signed up, at which point I realized that the guy who runs Iron Blogger, and several of the bloggers who are involved in it, actually work in the field that I’m interested in and hoped to build a reputation so eventually I could get a job! Ack! While you’d think this would be a good thing, instead I just completely froze up. What if they think I’m stupid?! What if some of the stuff I was planning on putting on here is inappropriate and they hate me?!

While I realize that this is largely irrational, and instead I should be really happy about potentially having a platform filled with interesting people who I could learn from, it has resulted in a month-long brain freeze.

I bet now you think I’m going to say that I gave up and dropped out of Iron Blogger, aren’t you? Well, you’d be WRONG! Bwa ha ha. No, I had a really long conversation with a good friend, who made me realize that if I don’t risk anything, I don’t gain anything. I also don’t lose anything, but I’m being optimistic.

So, folks, I’m back. I have some great ideas for this blog, and I’m just going to pretend that I’m writing it all for myself. I’m going to write about things I know and things I don’t, and things I think are interesting and things I think are offensive, and I’m going to interview my friends about the awesome things they do.

So, watch out world, because I’ve decided I’m not scared of you!

(Also, I already own Iron Blogger $20, and that’s kind of painful.)

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