Ruby: For newbies, by newbies

I keep thinking that what I need to do, while I’m still new and ignorant, is to write the kind of guide to Ruby and Rails that I wish I had. I think there’s a certain level of ignorance where you kinda realize what you don’t know, and what you wish you had, but you still feel like you can do something like that. Know what I mean? I think the problem with a lot of the Ruby tutorials that are available online are written by folks who are looking back and thinking, “This is what a new developer *needs* to know in order to be successful.” And they may be right, but they’ve forgotten¬†that feeling of being utterly lost, so it doesn’t occur to them to, like, maybe specify when you’re moving from working on the command line to working in the project on your text editor.

And sure, maybe that’s stupid, and someone who has been doing this for long enough to feel like they have the expertise to write a book has forgotten that once, long ago, they needed that hint, but right now *I* need that hint, and when a tutorial doesn’t include it it’s incredibly frustrating.

So, maybe I should think about doing this. You know, in my copious amounts of spare time.

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