SB apprenticeship: Day 10

Fridays are Pax days! Here he's helping David code.

Fridays are Pax days! Here he’s helping David code.

In our growth engineering meeting Friday we learned about SEO, one of the important practices of which is not duplicating content. So I think that means I should come up with different headlines for my blog posts, since the only thing that changes is the number of the day. Sadly, I have always been terrible at headlines (the advantage of being a reporter is that usually editors come up with headlines based on space and other editorial considerations. I never had to get good at them.) so this may be a work in progress.

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

I didn’t get a lot of work done Friday: we had the backend standup, then the growth engineering meeting, then the company standup, then lunch, then Ian showed a bunch of us how to do a simple project in Swift and Xcode, then we apprentices met with our mentors to discuss whether we should switch from Code School to Treehouse for online lessons. After that I decided to play with Treehouse some, so I could have an informed opinion. My only complaint so far is that Treehouse makes you follow a track, so I had to spend 10 minutes learning very basic Ruby things. As far as complaints so, though, that’s pretty minor.

Today I plan to start working on the Roman Numeral kata, then Jordan, who was in my TIY cohort and who finished the apprentice program right before I started, is going to help me go over some tests for my tic-tac-toe. I think this week I’m going to start working on the SSH & Webservers challenge also, so I can keep to the schedule they suggested for us.

Today I expect to learn how to do the Roman Numerals kata. I tried it last week, but got really confused, so Brandon suggested I go back to Coin Changer and make sure I really had that down.

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