SB apprenticeship: Day 13

Isis Winger, an engineer in San Francisco, started the #ilooklikeanengineer Twitter campaign after getting negative responses to her appearance in another set of ads for her work.

Isis Winger, an engineer in San Francisco, started the #ilooklikeanengineer Twitter campaign after getting negative responses to her appearance in another set of ads for her work.

A friend recently sent me a link to an Indiegogo campaign to help the #ilooklikeanengineer folks put up a billboard representing more women and minorities in tech. I have to wait until payday to support them, but I was thinking of the rewards and which I would choose, and I like t-shirts, and stickers are cool too, but would I really wear a t-shirt that says “I look like an engineer” because, I mean, *am* I actually an engineer? And that kind of stopped me short, because I’m pretty comfortable calling myself a ‘developer,’ I’m slooooowly becoming ok with the label ‘programmer’, but ‘engineer’…well, those are people in hard hats, right? Who went to school for a long time and use lots of math. They make things, physical things, and huh, why is the mental image that pops up in my head of a white man? I can’t quite tell if this personal rejection of the label engineer is just another insidious appearance of our old friend imposter syndrome, or if the definition I have of what an engineer is and does is legitimately out of the purview of what I am learning to do. What do you folks think?

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Yesterday I was doing pretty well until two things completely derailed my concentration: some asshole murdered two journalists in Virginia and used social media as a very effective way of publicizing it, and WordPress decided that it didn’t want me to be able to put tables in my post. I had intended to have a little table with the Vim and terminal commands I learned in the course of finishing the SSH assignment: the command, and then a brief description of what it did. Unfortunately, nothing I tried worked, and my table remained all mangled. I fell down the rabbit hole of attempting to add a plugin, only to discover that WordPress.COM won’t let you install plugins, I need to use WordPress.ORG, and also download the entire codebase of my blog and host it myself. Which, I’ll admit, is less intimidating than it was when I first started this blog years ago, but still. WTF. Would it be so hard to just explain that difference before I spent two house fighting this stupid thing? Anyway, that fractured my attention span for longer than it should have, and as a result, I ended up attempting the Roman Numeral kata and messing up so much that I just worked on the Treehouse stuff for the afternoon. I always used to joke that journalism was the perfect job for someone as ADD as I can be sometimes, but I am finding that it really is sometimes challenging for me to be able to put my head down and code for hours on end. Remembering to take my ritalin helps, and having a really interesting problem or lesson also helps, but it’s a thing I have to be really aware of.

Today I’m going to continue working on writing tests for my tic-tac-toe; I’m going to try to finish the Test-Driven Development book and Git Real 2 this week as well. Friday will be the end of my third week here! Man, the time has flown.

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