SB apprenticeship: Day 20

Working from home means I can make elaborate dinners!

Working from home means I can make elaborate dinners!

Due to some misunderstanding about my status as an apprentice, I have to work today. Happy Labor Day! I’m not actually upset or anything, we were given the option to either work today or make up the hours by working a couple hours extra each day for the rest of the week. As I told Brandon, we don’t have any plans for the holiday, and I’m probably just going to be sitting in front of my computer anyway; I may as well get paid for it! Working from home mostly means I can play with my kitties and make elaborate dinners that require multiple steps that, though short, I can’t do from the office. Today I’m making Oven-Roasted Chicken Shawarma and lemon risotto, using the lemons my friend brought me from San Francisco! Om nom nom.

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Friday I spent the entire afternoon working on the Gilded Rose kata. Derek, the apprentice who is ahead of us, sat with me for about two hours and helped me figure out how to do it, which was a tremendous help. I’m ending up rewriting the whole thing — tests and code — and making it neater. This may be a little more than is strictly expected, but I’m looking at it as kind of my big ‘let’s learn rspec’ exercise, since I did tic-tac-toe to apply for the apprenticeship and wasn’t very good at shoehorning tests in later.

We also had a meeting with two of the three mentors on Friday to chat about what we like and dislike about the apprenticeship, to raise any concerns  and give credit where credit was due. I honestly don’t really have any problems with the apprenticeship so far; I kind of wish Brandon had more time to do pairing, but I understand why he hasn’t. Now that he’s back in the office maybe that can happen more. The thing I like the most about the apprenticeship is definitely that they structured it so the apprentices aren’t competing with each other for a job at the end of the 12 weeks. They hired three apprentices with the expectation that at the end they’re going to hire three junior devs, and that has allowed us to be friends and work cooperatively. We all three come from very different backgrounds, and it’s been great learning and helping each other as we go.

Today I’m going to work some more on the gilded rose. I think Derek helped me to a solid place on Friday that I can work from and not need to ask for help, so I figured that would be good for working from home. If I get stuck I plan to work through some more of the Treehouse videos.

I expect to learn that I have great hubris expecting to not need any help with the gilded rose kata. 🙂 But hopefully not!

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