SB apprenticeship: Day 23

I had two really good “I’m working at the right place” moments yesterday that weren’t really related to programming, but that made me happy. A bunch of us were watching the Apple event, and there was a moment when an Adobe exec was showing off the way Photoshop could be used on the new iPads by manipulating a woman’s face into, of all things, a smile. Before I even opened my mouth, several guys who were also watching stepped in, incredulous about the whole thing and pointing out how it was problematic. I read a lot about sexism in the tech industry, and I’m not saying that SB has it fixed, but this is an office with men who definitely get it, and that’s really cool. The second moment was when I asked my mentor if he minded my taking some time out next Friday to sit on a diversity panel that TIY is having for this current cohort. When I explained the topic, Brandon was like, “I demand you go!” He and I talked before I joined SB about women in tech and how important it is, and I’m really glad to see that it’s a value he’s willing to stand behind. I was talking to a friend last night, and while I wish it hadn’t taken me four months after code school to get a job, I’m really glad I landed here.

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Yesterday I finished the rails refactoring exercise. I should really have more self-confidence, I spent at least an hour looking at the code and thinking I was stupid because everything I thought I should change, when I googled or asked, turned out to be ok. Of course, in the world of programming, there’s a million ways of doing things, and ‘ok’ is not not always the best way. So, for instance, the view file that we were supposed to edit didn’t have any partials, and I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether or not I should add them. Of course, when I asked for help on the apprentice slack channel, the first thing that Derek said was “hint: partials”. I know some of my problem is a lack of self-confidence, but it’s also that I’m so new that I honestly don’t always know if something is best practice or not. At any rate, I typed up a couple partials and then Derek taught me about doing scopes in my model. It turned out that wasn’t the right way to fix the problem, but it was interesting anyway. I haven’t used SQL at all since code school, so I should take some time to refresh myself on that.

Today I may take some time and work on tutorials. I’m a bit behind, both on those and on my reading. They aren’t required; finishing the projects is what’s going to get me promoted to junior dev, but they augment the projects and help me better figure out where to start. Plus it’s super loud in here today, and I think concentrating on code might be difficult. I’m still not sure how I feel about open plan offices, but I am looking forward to having the money to buy a nice set of noise-reducing headphones.

I’ve been following two of the Treehouse paths, the Ruby and the Rails one, in addition to kind of halfheartedly working on Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Learn to Program and Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial. I think I’ve mostly given up on Code School, it’s so buggy that half the time it won’t even show whether or not I got an answer right and is too frustrating to continue with. I wonder if I should narrow down the tutorials that I’m doing, or work on finishing all of them by, say, the end of the year. I think they’re useful, but they do take up a lot of time, and I feel guilty doing them in the middle of the workday. I know that there’s an option for overtime here at SB, I wonder if I could just take like a whole Sunday and work on them and get paid? That’d be pretty sweet.

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