SB apprenticeship: Day 26

I am a feminist. I know this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has really ever met me, but it informs my work and politics in a very real way. One of the things I want to do in the tech world is to make it more welcoming to women and girls, and to show them that, despite way too many reports of horrific sexism in the tech world, it’s getting better, and the way to keep making it better is to keep adding women. That’s one reason why I talk so much about the awesomeness of SB; because as important as it is to point out sexism, it’s equally important to show off the offices that are doing it right. I have also surrounded myself with people who are at least as feminist as I am, and I sometimes take that for granted in normal conversations.

Hence the conversation I had last night with one of the senior devs at my boyfriend’s new office, where I basically told him that the company’s hiring practices were discriminatory toward women. Oops. I’m hopeful that my suggestions and the links I showed him made an impression, or that he read them at all (if you’re in tech or interested in tech and feminism, you should be reading Model View Culture, specifically the articles about how looking for a job in tech is a full-time job in itself that privileges people with time and money and the one about how technical interviews are terrible). I was worried after the conversation, like, I know I’m a crazy feminist, but I’m in the south now and maybe I should be a little less militant about it, or at the very least maybe I shouldn’t accost Kevin’s brand new coworkers at a work function, but Kevin says he’s not worried. If they don’t like my brand of activism, they probably won’t like his either, and maybe it’s best to get that out in the open early.

Enough heavy stuff, here's a dog wearing a Smashing Boxes onesie.

Enough heavy stuff, here’s a dog wearing a Smashing Boxes onesie.

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Anyway! Yesterday, aside from possibly offending Kevin’s new coworkers, I did actually work! I started out reading a chapter of The Pragmatic Programmer. I’m finding that reading it a chapter at a time is helping me absorb the info; the book isn’t difficult, but they throw a lot of ideas at you. After that I worked on the Rails APP for a bit and then ended up finishing the day by reading the chapter on Rspec in The Rails 4 Way.

Today I think is more of the same! I’m slowly making progress on the API stuff. As usual, I’m making my life way harder than it needs to be; David helped me a little yesterday and clarified the assignment. It’s still a good amount of work, but way less than I thought at first. Today is also a social day, we’re having the monthly backend lunch and then after work there’s a Ruby meetup that I’m planning to attend.

Today I expect to learn how to write tests in Rspec for my model, then write the code to interact with the API. Wish me luck!

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