SB Apprenticeship: Day 32

I made this!

I made this!

Yesterday Brandon and I had lunch and had a good conversation about how I’m doing. I told him that I feel like I’m not as far along as I should be, but he said he thought I was doing great. As everyone I know has said, and maybe someday I’ll actually listen, he told me I shouldn’t be comparing myself to the people around me. David’s an apprentice, sure, but he worked for a year at a shop doing Rails APIs. Brandon’s on the cusp of being able to call himself a Rails expert, but he’s been programming since he was 13. I haven’t even been doing this a year yet, I really ought to stop beating myself up for not knowing things. We also talked about pairing more, and now we have a set time for it — from 3-5 on Thursdays! I’m excited about that. It’s interesting, Brandon mentioned that one of the reasons he hasn’t paired much with me is because the knowledge gap is *so* big that it makes it frustrating for both of us — I’m too slow for him, he’s way too fast for me. He thinks that I may be his last apprentice, and I think he’s really sad about that.

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Yesterday I spent the entire day working on the Agile Web Development with Rails 4 book. The book’s tutorial has a lot of parts that will be really useful for the upcoming Bookstore assignment — so far I’ve done sessions and Javascript/Jquery, and they also talk about authentication, emailing users, testing and I think they cover credit card payments at the end. It seems like there’s always something little I forget, like a . instead of an _, which gets pretty frustrating. I’ve gotten better about figuring out where my error is, though, and I think working through this project is helping me actually understand MVC at last. I can follow the trail of what the code is doing and where it’s supposed to go.

I think today I’m going to work more on the book. It’s a fine line sometimes, deciding when I should put the tutorials away and dive into my own code, but I think this is worth the slight delay. Yesterday Brandon mentioned that the timeline they set for the apprenticeship was basically completely arbitrary; 12 weeks just seemed like a good amount of time. While he said that he thinks I’m making good progress, if I need some extra time they’re cool with that. That was a relief, I was a little irrationally worried that they would kick me out of the building at 5:31 on the last day of the 12th week if I hadn’t finished everything. Yes, I know that is a stupid thing to worry about. No, it didn’t stop me. Sigh.

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