SB Apprenticeship: Day 39

My coworkers have a Minecraft world they play in, so I finally got motivated to try it out. Four hours later, this is my house!

My coworkers have a Minecraft world they play in, so I finally got motivated to try it out. Four hours later, this is my house!

I’m not a gamer. I never have been, for a lot of reasons — I never played as a kid, I don’t have any consoles, I’m kind of super ADD, I never really knew what to play, so many games have a reputation for being horrifically sexist…etc. The games I’ve enjoyed have all been puzzle games, like Portal or Braid or Thomas Was Alone. I’ve been curious about sandbox games like Minecraft or The Sims for a while now, but I know myself — it’s all or nothing. Like last night, for instance, I started playing and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I really ought to be getting ready for bed — but I just finished smelting all this glass, I need to make my house have windows! I didn’t manage to get anything I meant to do last night done, so the poor kitties will have to live with a dirty litterbox until tonight. Anyone have any tips on how to prevent losing hours and hours to a video game?

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

So, aside from learning that Minecraft is dangerously addictive, I learned that, despite all being organized into neat little files, Cucumber tests all run together. It goes through all the step files when I run the tests, so when I solve And I click the "Login" button in the Account Creation steps, Admin Authentication can also use it when those steps run. For some reason it took Brandon three times explaining this for me to really grasp it. But! I think I have it now! The thing that was confusing me was that I would run my tests and one would fail that wasn’t actually in my list, which would throw me off.

I also learned that Github doesn’t count commits that are made to a branch in my little contributions map until the branch is merged into master. I set myself the goal of making at least one commit a day for the month of October, but it looks like I failed on the very first day! Booooo. Of course, I had planned to do a chapter of the Rails Tutorial when I got home, until Minecraft ate my evening.

Current streak: 0 days. *sob*

Current streak: 0 days. *sob* 

I need some kind of clever name for this goal. Commit October? Git October? Codetober? Some sort of horror movie reference about being committed (like to a mental institution?) Maybe that’s ableist. I’ve never been great at coming up with names. Any great ideas out there?

Today is labs day! This never actually means much to me since I mostly just continue whatever I was working on during the week, but there are more distractions. Derek, one of the previous apprentices who is now a junior dev is hosting a lunch and learn on Cucumber that I plan on attending, so hopefully I’ll learn more about how Cucumber and Capybara work. I’m working on the Admin Authentication tests, so I think that means I’m going to actually write some code and get the bookstore app really started.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I emerge from today an expert in Cucumber? Flying through my tests and crafting beautiful code and totally being a successful junior dev. Ahh.

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