SB Apprenticeship: Day 46

Stripe! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

Stripe! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Yesterday I made my goal! I finished the book index page feature! I had a really hard time getting the search to work, there were like 20 different steps and the answer I found on SackOverflow turned out to be wrong, so I went down a rabbit hole for a bit. But I got it working, with the help of a couple people around the office. It’s always something stupid, like the case doesn’t match, or I didn’t add the click action to the test. Sigh.

Today I’m going to start working on the purchase feature. It turns out I’m not actually behind on the bookstore app; I thought I had three more features to complete, but one is a general test suite that I added myself to have it log in outside the structured tests, and another was added by the Devise gem or something, and is just a completed test suite. So all I have left to do is the purchase feature! I guess now I’m learning Stripe. Woo! Poor David had a hard time implementing Stripe, but I have the advantage of going second, so I have little tips that should hopefully make it a lot easier. Like getting rid of our old friend Turbolinks. Heh. Apparently the Stripe documentation is really good, so I’m hopeful that this will go smoothly.

I expect to learn how Stripe works! We did a little with APIs in code school, and I had the ToDo API here, but I think this is the first real API that I’ve added to a project, so I’m a little nervous.

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