SB Apprenticeship: Day 47

Shopping cart

Shopping cart

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

I got ahead of myself in yesterday’s post: before I start worrying about Stripe, I get to implement a shopping cart! I’ve only actually done this once, when I worked through the Agile Web Development book, so it’s proving a challenge. I was trying to work through the book and just kind of take what it said and apply it to my code, but the models and stuff are completely different, and I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put stuff, and what in the code that the book has I actually need vs the stuff they’ve done in order to have their idea of an impressive app. For instance, do I need to make mine all Ajax-y? I would love to impress Brandon, but mostly I just want to get this done. Ah well.

Today I’m going to continue working on the shopping cart! I’ve been trying to ask fewer questions; Brandon and Joe pulled me into Brian’s office Monday to tell me they were a bit concerned about how I seem to give up easily when I run into a problem. It’s interesting, I know so many devs who seem to take a perverse pride in spending days beating their head against a problem. I can see how I could spend more time beating my head against a problem — if nothing else, the sense of triumph if I solve it is tremendously empowering — but generally speaking I feel like I shouldn’t waste time on something that a colleague could answer in five minutes. I was telling them that part of my problem is that I haven’t quite figured out what I should be asking about and what I should be being frustrated about for a while. I’ll come up against a problem that looks really hard so I’ll ask about it, but then it turns out to actually be something simple. Then when the next problem comes along, I don’t super trust my instinct on these things, so I’ll be like, ‘oh, that last thing I thought was hard turned out to be easy, so I bet this one is easy too.’ I’ll spend two hours trying to solve that one, only to have the person I eventually ask for help be like, ‘Whoa, that’s a tough one.’ If you believe that willpower is a finite resource, I think I use all mine up early on problems that shouldn’t be as taxing as they are. Ah well. I do trust that when I’ve exhausted my knowledge and Google, I can ask questions, I think their point was simply that I should do those other things first.

Anyway. Yesterday I got the ‘add to cart’ button to show up on my page, but it was at the top, not on each book, and now it’s randomly gone. So that’s going to be the first thing I focus on today.

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