SP Apprenticeship: Day 51

This is what my cart looks like now!

This is what my cart looks like now!

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

It was a challenge to get back in the flow of things yesterday after two days at a conference! I did finally manage to get my params in place so that I can change the total on a book when I add it to my cart. I still can’t edit the cart once I get it in there, but Brandon told me that would be more challenging than I thought, and he was right. I also did some styling so now it’s much clearer to read. I had a complete brain fart when it came to naming my headers and I couldn’t find a website that broke it down like that. ‘Cumulative price’ is terrible, I know, but it’s all I could think of. Anyone have any other suggestions? Maybe ‘line item total’? Meh. All my programmer friends have told me at one point or another that naming things is the most difficult part of programming, and it’s really true. Naming models and methods so that it’s clear and makes sense later when you’re refactoring or fixing something — it’s hard!

Today I am meeting a student in the current cohort of TIY for coffee; she wants to talk about my experience since I finished. I find it kind of interesting that Mason keeps sending these people to me, I certainly don’t mind, but I haven’t really hidden my complaints about the way TIY does things. I figured that I would be the last person that anyone sent students to. Although now that I think about it, I haven’t been asked to talk to any prospective students. Heh. Anyway, that’s at noon, then at 1 we’re having a retrospective about All Things Open, and then after that I’m pairing with Brandon. I have three things I want to get done this week:

  • Add a link to my cart in the corner of the homepage so you can access it without adding more books
  • Get the quantity incrementing to work and save
  • Complete at least one feature file in my cucumber tests

I’m going to ask Brandon to help with the incrementing, it really is proving super challenging. Once I get this cart stuff done, I think next week I can focus on adding Stripe and making it work, which will hopefully be easier than it was for David, since the first thing Brandon did was get rid of Turbolinks, and then I’ll be done and ready to start my pairing tour!

I expect to learn that the incrementing problem is probably going to be only a few steps, but they’re going to be non-intuitive. I’m not even entirely sure where to start with the cart, there are like four problems I have to solve there: getting it to show on the home page, positioning it where I want it, getting it to show the current number of items, and getting it to update when I add or remove something new. Should be interesting!

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