SB Apprenticeship: Day 56

Lookit all those passing tests!

Lookit all those passing tests!

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

If this bookstore project has done one thing for my Ruby knowledge, it has made me completely unafraid of migrations. I guess ‘afraid’ is the wrong word, I was just under the impression that they were more significant than they are, like you should only make additional migrations in rare circumstances. Otherwise you should just be able to work around it. Obviously I was pretty wrong there. 🙂

I was able to fix the UnknownFormat error from yesterday, turns out my method was such a mess that it wasn’t even getting to the line where I declared the format. Josh helped prod me in the right direction, and it was on to the next error message! Which is still Stripe error while creating customer: Must provide source or customer. Sigh. Yesterday was Brandon’s day to work from home, but he was able to help me a bit over Slack, and said that he would help me more when we pair today. Since I wasn’t having any success fixing that I decided to work on the Cucumber tests so I wouldn’t be too far behind. I got a lot of them done, until I ran into the test that needs Stripe to work. But getting so many of them done was a relief, since I feel more caught up. Most of the tests that are left are somewhat repetitive, so as soon as we get Stripe working I should be able to fly through them.

Today I’m going to hopefully get the Stripe stuff worked through with Brandon. The documentation stuff for Stripe is good, but it’s not particularly newbie friendly — I don’t actually know where some of the code it gives you goes, for instance. Yet another thing to add to my increasing list of newbie tutorials I should do.

Yesterday Brandon said he was going to show me how to use the element inspector to view the details of network requests, so I can see the data that I’m passing to the Stripe API. I’m looking forward to that; I like learning the little tips and tricks to figure out what’s going on almost more than I enjoy learning to code in general. I also need to make some adjustments to my project based on the tests, one wants an order summary page and another says I should be able to adjust the quantity of books in my cart. So let’s see, today’s todo list is:

  • Figure out why Stripe isn’t seeing my customer
  • Add a summary page
  • Figure out the damned quantity thing
  • Finish Cucumber tests

I expect to learn to how to make the Stripe API talk to my code correctly, and hopefully how to adjust the quantity in my cart. I worked on that for a couple days, until Brandon told me that it wasn’t actually part of the requirements for the project and I didn’t have to do it, which made me happy, because it was way harder than I expected it to be.

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