Cover letters whyyyyyyyyyy

If I hate cover letters as much as I do (and oh god, I do) and I once made a living writing, how do other people feel?Particularly programmers, who may not have had any training in writing? Why are these archaic things still required to get a job? Someday I’m going to make good on my oft-promised threat and send a letter that simply says: “Hi, my name’s Jessa, and I am awesome. You should hire me. Here’s my resume and portfolio website! Sincerely, Jessa.”

Unfortunately today is not that day. I am not yet that courageous. Maybe someday when I don’t actually need the job I’m applying for. It’s good to have goals, right?

  • What did you learn yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What do you expect to learn?

Ok! Friday I identified a couple places that I want to work and started at my computer for a little while being frustrated that I have to write cover letters. Then I read some more of Eloquent Ruby and called it a day. Motivation! I also decided that I’m just going to forgive myself for not finishing the bookstore project, merge the branch I was working on forever and come back to it in a little bit. I’m so tired and frustrated with it. I will come back! Just…maybe in a few weeks.

Today I am going to apply for three jobs: one with a company where a couple of my friends from code school work, one for a  New Media Software Developer with a news station in Raleigh and one for an ecommerce site in Canada. I’ve never been to Canada! Depending on how next year’s elections turn out, that may be a valuable contact to have in my pocket. It’s actually interesting, the Canadian company emailed me…so what’s the process for that? Do I just write him back and say I’m interested? Do I fill out an application through the site and then let him know? Hrm. The one advantage to being so new to all this is that I can successfully cry ignorance and ask for help. So maybe I’ll do that!

After I apply for the three jobs I’m going to reward myself by going to the gym, and then this afternoon I’m going to work on code. I’ve been thinking that maybe going back through my TIY projects might be helpful; hopefully in two ways: both to remind me how to do the various tasks and boosting my self-confidence because they’ll (hopefully) be easier than they were the first time. People keep telling me I need to work on my own projects, but I don’t really have any ideas for actual things. I’ve never been super imaginative.

Today I expect to learn how to apply for a job in Canada for which the first contact was made by them! It’s an exciting life I lead.

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